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Toll Free: (800) 468-5296
Our 4-Step Seeding Process:
  1. Ground Preparation: The first step is proper ground preparation. This step is commonly taken for granted by others, yet is critical to proper seed germination and drainage. This step is so important to us that owner Kevin Keigley actually invented his own tractor implement, called the TR3™ Rake, to prepare the ground for seeding. This implement is now in use by thousands of individuals and companies around the country to perfectly prepare ground. The TR3™ Rake is used to complete a sprinkler grade (if needed) and then the final grade to perfection. Our TR3™ Rake loosens the ground to the optimum depth, removes vegetation and debris, levels the ground with beautiful contour and then rakes the ground leaving the perfect seedbed behind. When needed we can also bring in a high quality mixture of peat moss and topsoil to enrich the soil.
  2. Drill-Seeding: Unlike most companies that hydroseed, we go an extra step using a mechanical drill seeder. This seeder presses the seed into the soil to the proper depth to make better seed to soil contact for optimum seed germination. We even use 200 lbs. of seed per acre, opposed to a sod farm only using about 30 lbs. per acre.
  3. Hydromulch Application: The hydromulch mixture is then sprayed over the seeding under high pressure. This hydromulch which includes water, a type of glue, fertilizer, fiber mulch and straw, then dries to create a crust over the ground. The crust protects the ground from erosion and seeds from being washed away in the rain or eaten by birds. The moisture retentive mulch acts as a nutrient rich protective blanket that helps produce incredible results that commonly begin sprouting in only 4-5 days! All this gives the grass seed the fighting chance it needs to beat out the weeds, diseases, rains and animals of mother nature and develop into lush grass.
  4. Guaranteed Results Follow-up Program: The last step in our process really sets us apart from our competition. You will receive installation inspections by a qualified professional, two scheduled fertilization and weed treatments and full washout and bare spot replacement. But that may not be all! It is important to understand that applying seed to the ground is the easy part. Anyone can do it! However, many don't have the knowledge, skill and expertise to ensure proper germination and vigorous lush growth. Our goal and your goal is the same; a beautiful lawn. In fact, we believe so much in our complete 4-step process that we guarantee our results when you follow our instructions. 90-Day Follow-Up: We will stand behind the lawn for 90-days of growing season. Included are any washout repairs and two additional fertilization applications.
Advantages of Hydroseeding:
  • Cost Effective: Hydroseed can be approximately 1/3 or less the price of sod.
  • Adaptability: The seed mixture can be changed to meet the customer's needs.
  • Effectiveness: Much more effective than dry-seeding as the mulch protects the seed while speeding up germination.
  • Appearance: Once the hydroseed mulch goes on, everything is green with desirable look and can be walked on immediately.

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