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The team at Hydroseed is equipped to service your residential or commercial lawn today. We cover everything from lawn maintenance, lawn installation, and an array of additional services. Our additional services include irrigation consultations and assessments, soil assessments, erosion control and repair, temporary seeding for construction sites, rock driveways (residential and commercial), and even parking lots. No matter what you need to be done, our experts can construct a plan and follow through!

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Lawn Installation

Our four-step lawn installation process allows our team at Hydroseed to be more effective than our competitors. We utilize state-of-the-art innovations, designed by our own founder! You won’t want to pass up the opportunity to have your commercial or residential of 5,000 square feet or more lawn installed by a trained, well-versed professional at Hydroseed.

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Efficient 4-Step Seeding Process

Efficient 4-Step Seeding Process

Our lawn installation service follows a four-step process that has proven to be the best, most efficient way to create a thriving new lawn. We’ll start with the most crucial step – preparing the ground, where we use our original TR3 Rake (designed by our founder) to loosen the ground to the optimal depth. Second, we begin to drill-seed with a mechanical seeder, which takes our seeding to the next level. Finally, we spray our hydro-mulch mix over the freshly planted seed.

Our seeding process is unmatched, check out our lawn installation page for a complete look at our process.

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Looking for Effective Seeding in Osceola, Indiana?

Looking for Effective Seeding in Osceola, Indiana?

You’re in luck! At Hydroseed, we’re known to be one of the top providers for seeding in our area of South Bend, Indiana. If you’re looking to save time, headache, and cut back on expenses when it comes to lawn installation, we’re the ones for you.

Don’t get roped into paying too much for your commercial or residential seeding needs. With our state of the art equipment and expert service technicians, Hydroseed can serve you better than anyone in the area. We have our own technological innovations and are lead by the founder and innovator himself. You won’t find anyone else with this technology or skill. You can’t get any closer to the best!


Our Guarantees and Warranties

Our Guarantees and Warranties

At Hydroseed, each of our team members takes pride in our work. We will always be sure to include a warranty for many of our services. For lawn installations, in particular, there are instructions that will be given to each client to ensure proper care is being implemented after our job is done.

To be eligible for our 90-day installation warranty, clients must have a properly working irrigation to ensure their turf will receive proper after-care. Our service professionals offer clients the chance for us to assess their current system, and if necessary, refer them to a list of trusted vendors that can install or repair it for them.

Check out our lawn installation service page for a full list of the care instructions.

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Hydroseed values our clients! We want to hear about how our services have benefitted you. Our team members take pride in the work we do, that’s why we developed our 90-day guarantee in the first place. We’re interested in knowing how this directly impacts our customers, and we’re great listeners, so every review matters! 


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Hydroseed, Inc is Michiana’s most trusted source for lawn installation, lawn maintenance, and a variety of other services that can be found on our additional services page.

1320 3rd St , Osceola 46561

We are located in the heart of Indiana, our home city is Mishawaka, IN. We are a unique company that offers unique services: hydro-mulching.