Lawn Installation

Struggling to take care of your large residential or commercial lawn? Hydroseed can help you!

Our Niche

Our Niche

When it comes to lawn installation, our services fall under two categories: commercial properties and residential properties. All of the properties we service are, at minimum, 5,000 square feet or more because that is where the specialty of the Hydroseed staff lies.

Our commercial property services focus on erosion control and roadside work. Whether you are in need of a new lawn installation or you are building a completely new commercial property, Hydroseed specializes in this kind of work and will ensure that your new lawn gets the attention it needs to grow and thrive.

Our residential properties have some of the same focuses, but for these properties, Hydroseed will assess the irrigation and drainage of the property and support maintenance long after installation.

Hydroseed's 4-Step Process

Hydroseed's 4-Step Process

Our four-step process includes:

Ground Preparation While most companies will skip this step, Hydroseed sees it as incredibly critical to the process. Proper preparation will lead to successful germination and drainage. This is where the invention of the TR3 RAKE, made by the owner of Hydroseed himself, comes in. The TR3 RAKE will loosen the ground to optimal depth, remove vegetation and debris, levels the ground, and rakes the ground. This will then leave the perfect seedbed behind which will allow your lawn to flourish.

Drill-Seeding Hydroseed takes the extra step and puts pride into our work, so we choose to use a mechanical drill seeder that allows the seed to be pressed into the soil to the proper depth in order to create a better seed to soil contact for optimal germination.

Hydro-mulch Application Our hydro-mulch mix is sprayed over the newly planted seeding under high pressure. A hydro-mulch blend includes water, a certain type of glue, fertilizer, fiber mulch, and straw. It will then dry to create a protective layer over the ground to encourage luscious turf.

Get the Results Your Lawn Deserves Today

Get the Results Your Lawn Deserves Today

Effective and Affordable

By choosing Hydroseed for your commercial and residential lawn installation needs, you reap a number of benefits. Most competing companies do not offer hydro-mulch protection, and at Hydroseed, it’s still an affordable option for all customers. Our four-step process can also be altered to meet the needs of the environment of the job site.

90-Day “WRP” Warranty Conditions

Washouts are repaired up to 90 days from the date of the initial installation. Hydroseed performs repairs between the months of April and October – excluding the month of July. If your 90-day WRP extends past October 15th, the repair will take place the following spring, beginning in April when the weather permits. All repairs reported after the 90-day warranty will require a fee to cover the time and cost of materials. Weed treatments will be applied during this period if weed issues exceed 20%.

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