Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hydromulching

At Hydroseeding Inc., our lawn installation services typically fall under two categories, commercial and residential. When installing a new lawn for a commercial property in Michiana, we service a minimum of 5,000 square feet or more. Our process involves a 4-step procedure that includes what is known as hydromulching. But what exactly is hydromulching? In this article, we take a moment to explain everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this highly effective process.

What Is Hydromulching?

Hydromulching is a process that involves spraying water, seed, fertilizer, fiber mulch, tracking dye, and a binder of some sort. It provides fast, economical, and efficient vegetation. The mixture is sprayed from a specially designed hydroseeding truck and is kept agitated during the application to ensure even coverage. Attached to most hydroseeders is what is referred to as a cannon or boom. This boom is capable of spraying over 100 meters enabling coverage to even the most difficult to reach areas.

At Hydroseed Inc., our mix is a blend of water, fertilizer, fiber mulch, a type of glue we use as a binder and straw.

When Is Hydromulching Used?

Hydromulching Reduces Moisture Evaporation
Hydromulching helps to reduce moisture evaporation in several ways. First, the seeds’ roots can burrow deeper into the soil, which helps prevent them from getting run off by water while they are still germinating. Secondly, the mulch itself acts as a cover preserving moisture and trapping it inside.

Hydromulching Protects Seeds From Water Runoff and Wind Erosion
Using mulch in combination with a binder or glue causes the fibers to stick together, creating a surface cover. This surface cover stops the wind from picking up dust and displacing the seeds. The fibers also protect the seeds from rain and water runoff, hindering growth due to the eroding topsoil.

Hydromulching Helps To Prevent Damage From Michiana Wildlife
When new seeds are planted, wind erosion and runoff are not the only threats that can stop them from germinating. Birds and other wildlife love the taste of seeds and will often find and eat them, creating certain areas of the ground to sprout seeds while others do not. The thickness of the mulch formulated in the mixture acts as a protective layer and stops birds and other wildlife from getting to the seeds.

Hydrymulching Can Cover Large and Difficult Areas
Hydromulching is a highly effective yet fast and easy way to seed large areas of land. It also makes a good option for land that is difficult and/or otherwise damaged, burned, significantly sloped, or full of vast terrain where other more traditional options are not possible.

Hydromulching Is Great for Land With Limited Access
Large industrial sites and various other vast expanses of land are often hard to grow grass on due to their limited access. But not with hydromulching. Hydromulching can be used on construction sites, sites suited for steep banks and slopes, and sites suited for mine rehabilitation.

Hydromulching Promotes Quicker Growth
With hydromulching, growth can occur within a few weeks, faster than with most other seeding options. This is because the mix used encourages seed growth, and the protective cover it creates locks down the topsoil, thereby ensuring the seeds take root and germinate.

Preparation Required for Hydromulching in the Michiana Area

Prior to utilizing the process of hydromulching, experts suggest a soil analysis is conducted to determine the state of the site’s soil. This will help to eliminate any risk of uneven plant growth and reduce the possibility of a pest infestation. The site should then be prepared by clearing out any weeds, rocks, stumps, or other debris that is situated in the ground. At Hydroseed Inc., we utilize a four-step process, with the first one including ground preparation. We use a tool called the TR3 Rake, developed by the owner of Hydroseed to loosen the ground, remove vegetation and debris, level the soil, and then rake the ground. Our process will allow successful germination and drainage leaving the perfect seedbed behind.

Are There Any Safety Concerns or Negative Effects?

Like with all seed mixes, personnel applying hydromulch must wear safety equipment conducive to the type and nature of the material being applied. At Hydroseed Inc., our staff are trained and knowledgeable on proper safety protocols and perform all tasks utilizing only the safest equipment and gear.

If dye is used in mulch, care should be taken to avoid applying concrete, painted surfaces, or other structures the dye could stain. While we only ever use hydromulching on ground surfaces conducive to grass seeding, our four-step process can always be altered to meet the needs of the environment of the job site.

After Hydromulching Maintenance

There is little after-care maintenance with hydromulching. Of course, weather changes often dictate courses of action, but here At Hydroseed Inc., we perform washouts up to 90 days from the initial installation date. We also offer a 90-day warranty, and weed treatments are applied during this period if weed issues exceed 20%.

For All Your Hydromulching Needs In the Michiana Area, Contact Hydroseed Inc.

Now that you have a better understanding of hydromulching and what it is, contact the professionals at Hydroseed Inc. and find out if it’s right for your Michiana commercial property. Learn more by visiting our website, contact us using our free online contact form or give us a call at 800-468-LAWN.

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