Lawn Maintenance Doesn’t Stop Just Because Its Fall

Hard to believe September is already here. But here it is, with fall just around the corner. The kids are back to school, the days are getting shorter, and soon we will all have pumpkin-spiced everything on the brain. It’s also the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. While most people think of fertilizing their grass in the spring or summer, fertilizer is also needed in the fall. Here in Michigan and Indiana, there are many reasons why giving your turf that one last boost before winter is so beneficial. And your friends at Hydroseed Inc. are going to explain why.

Fertilizer: Exactly What Is It?

Most of us realize that it offers benefit to our lawn but aren’t sure exactly what that is. Fertilization provides food for your soil. It can be either organic or synthetic. Organic fertilizers are made up of plant or animal sources such as manure, compost, or bone meal. Synthetic fertilizers are made up of three key macronutrients. They include nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, also known as NPK. Each one has a distinct purpose.

  • Nitrogen is responsible for growth.
  • Phosphorus helps strengthen the root system and encourages root growth.
  • Potassium protects the grass and roots from the cold winter temperatures and helps with the overall functions of grass.

Getting the right mix can mean the difference between having a lush, green lawn and a scorched dry lawn. There are other ingredients in fertilizer called micronutrients. These are additional ingredients also help keep your grass healthy and strong. Some of these micronutrients include chlorine, copper, iron, nickel, zinc, and manganese. They assist your grass with processes like chlorophyll production, photosynthesis, and disease and pest resistance.

Why Is Fertilizer Important For Your Michiana Lawn?

Think of fertilizer like the vitamins and supplements you as a human take. While we often receive the vitamins and minerals from the food we eat, often we do not get enough. Our fast-paced lifestyles often mean we are on the go and grabbing bites to eat wherever we can. Your grass’s soil is a cross between our brains and our kidneys. Like the brain, it provides an anchor for your turf, all plants, and all your trees and shrubs. Like our kidneys, it acts as a filter system sorting through everything that comes into it, including water, nutrients, oxygen, and contaminants. Stressful factors such as heat, drought, wind, rain, snow, overuse, diseases, and pests and weeds take their toll on your grass and often suck the nutrients right out of it. This causes it to become fatigued and run down. Adding fertilization helps provide it with the extra boost of energy and strength it needs to remain thick, dense, and robust year-round.

But, Why in the Fall?

The Type of Grass We Have 
Here in Michigan and Indiana, we have mostly cool-season grasses. This includes Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrasses. When autumn hits, the temperatures start to cool off a bit, and there is usually more moisture in the air. During this time, our cool-season grasses continue to grow while storing up essential nutrients for the winter. They will quickly absorb any fertilizer that is provided because they are already in quick absorption mode. These extra minerals and vitamins will help give your grass the strength it needs to withstand the cold Michigan and Indiana winters.

After a Michiana Summer, It’s Important to Restore Your Lawn’s Health
After the stresses of the summer, including heat, drought, and excessive foot traffic, it’s important to give your grass that added boost. This boost to your grass helps protect it from winter diseases like brown patch and snow mold. Lawn restoration services, like aeration and overseeding along with broadleaf weed control, will help get your lawn back to health. To help keep it protected, that’s where fertilization comes in. Applying fertilizer in the fall gives your grass the nutrients and stamina it needs to prepare for and endure the frigid winter weather.

At Hydroseed Inc., we offer a fertilization program as part of our lawn maintenance program. Our fertilization program can help elevate the health and wellness of your turf while you take care of the other basics. We also offer several after-care programs that support our clients who receive lawn installations for 90 days after the installation. And if your lawn needs to be revitalized, we offer aeration and overseeding services as well. We take pride in our work and want you to ensure our clients have the tools necessary for their lawns to thrive.

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