How Laser Grading Protects Your Property From Water Damage And Pests

It’s not something most people think about – or even notice – but driveways and parking lots should have a very slight slope. It’s not because the construction company made a mistake; it’s by design. Having the slightest incline helps move water off the property. Otherwise, all that water can lead to pest problems, drainage issues, and even erosion. By keeping your driveway or parking lot properly graded, you’ll increase the property’s longevity and even improve the appearance and function of your residential or commercial property.

What Land Grading Is And Why It’s Important

You may have also heard the term “land leveling.” Land grading is the process of moving the earth across the property. Usually, this is done during new construction, such as building a home or hardscaping projects like building a gazebo. In a perfect world, the land should be smoothed out using bulldozers. These large machines allow the land to achieve that ideal smoothness which enables buildings to be constructed on level ground, cement to fill out evenly, and a new lawn to be installed without bumps and divots.

Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, land can lose its gradient. Sometimes this happens because the ground wasn’t graded properly, to begin with. The property will start to collect water which leads to soil erosion and pest infestations. Not to mention that a flooded parking lot or driveway is of no use to anybody. The last thing your customers or employees want is to drive through a deep pool of water and damage their vehicle. Fortunately, you can correct these issues with a land grading application from Hydroseed Inc.

Set The Foundation For Future Projects

Even though land grading is most often done during new builds, that doesn’t mean it can’t benefit existing properties. If you’re replacing a driveway or installing a new path, for example, it’s crucial to have the land graded before the cement is poured and the bricks laid. If the driveway is at too steep of an angle, winter’s snow and ice could pose significant problems. If the slope isn’t high enough, any excess rainwater could pool on the property. You’ve undoubtedly seen flooded parking lots before – this is due to improper land grading. Dealing with your own personal pond at home is one thing, but if you own or manage a business, you need to make sure your employees, customers, patients, and clients can safely park in your lot without issue. And if you ever wanted to turn part of that driveway or parking lot into something different, having level land is a great start.

Address Excess Water Issues

Excess water poses two issues for properties. Either it pools where it shouldn’t, or because water seeks out the lowest point, it will flow in places where it shouldn’t. For instance, you want the water to run down the driveway – not the grass next to it when it rains. When water runoff happens, it can lead to soil erosion. Standing water poses all sorts of issues, namely, its damage to a building’s foundation. When water seeps into cracks during winter, it will worsen the gaps as it freezes. This is why potholes are so prevalent in the northern states. All that melted snow and ice has to go somewhere, and it often will sink into the imperfections in asphalt. Everyone knows that gutters provide a considerable benefit to our homes and businesses because they keep water away from our foundations. Still, many people don’t realize that driveways can do the same thing – if they’re appropriately graded.

Drainage Issues Lead To Pests

When your parking lot becomes a lake, it can attract pests – specifically mosquitoes. Mosquitoes need a source of still water to lay their eggs, and they’ll take advantage of that lake that pops up after heavy rainstorms. Further, when excess moisture isn’t swiftly moved off the property, it can also lead to things like mold, mildew, and fungus, which all thrive in environments where there is ample moisture. Once diseases like that set in, you’ll need to enlist the help of lawn care services to treat them.

First Impressions Matter

When clients are greeted to a flooded parking lot and water deep enough to soak their socks, it doesn’t make a good first impression. You never know what might be the tipping point for someone to choose a competitor over you. Don’t let a flooded parking lot be that reason! You only get one chance to make an excellent first impression for your business, campus, medical office, etc.

Get Erosion Control From Hydroseed Inc. Today!

In addition to providing lawn installation services, Hydroseed Inc. also provides land grading services for parking lots and driveways. Taking care to ensure your property is graded will reduce the risk of erosion and pest infestations. To learn more about this vital service or schedule a consultation, please call us at 800-468-LAWN or leave us a message online here.

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