The 411 On Lawn Renovations

Every business owner in South Bend wants a green, thick, lush lawn. Your outside property is the first thing visitors, customers, and clients see. Therefore keeping a healthy, robust lawn is vital not only for curb appeal but also for attracting business. Unfortunately, even healthy lawns are susceptible to diseases, pests, and climate stressors, especially if they are not properly maintained.

What Are the Causes of Lawn Deterioration?

Many factors determine whether or not the lawn on your grass thrives. Some are within our control, while others are caused by climate, the environment, and various other factors. One of the most common reasons for turf to fail is due to a lack of sunlight.

Other reasons include:bad lawn with dandelions

  • Improper mowing
  • Weeds
  • Insect infestation
  • Fungus disease
  • Drought
  • Lack of sunlight due to excessive shade
  • Tree root competition
  • Thatch build-up
  • Poorly adapted grass species
  • Poor soil quality
  • Soil compaction
  • Inadequate fertility
  • Poor drainage
  • Home renovations
  • Pool installations
  • Septic installations

Many lawn problems in South Bend can be quickly fixed with various techniques such as using a thatch rake, weed control, and aeration. If, however, you have made several attempts to spruce up your lawn and the brown patches keep reoccurring, or insects or weeds have taken over, it is probably time for a complete lawn renovation. A lawn overhaul is a lot of work and can be time-consuming but should be considered if you have tried various other methods to improve your lawn with no success.

Types of Lawn Installation


Overseeding introduces new types of grass seed to the existing lawn with other grass strains. It adds green-up, helps create thicker grass, and presents different grass varieties to your turf. . It’s a good option for those lawns who have suffered climate stress, insect, or disease damage. It’s usually cheaper than sod or hydroseeding, but it takes weeks for the grass to grow and for results to take place. 

Sod Installationroll of sod

Sod is sections of grass that have already grown, is bound together by a root system or a thin layer of other bio-degradable material. Unlike overseeding, you can see the results of sod installation almost immediately. It is a much more expensive option, and there aren’t as many options by way of seeds as there are with seeding. Sod is typically chosen when time is an issue and grass is needed right away.


Hydroseeding is the process of combining a mixture called a “slurry,” which consists of seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil amendments, and water in a hydroseeder tank. Then the mixture is applied using high pressure making sure the slurry is evenly mixed. It allows grass to germinate rather quickly and produces a more uniform look. It is often used to help with erosion control and to help control dust pollution. Therefore it is most commonly used for larger areas such as commercial properties and athletic fields.
If you are a commercial property, a school, university, or athletic association or have a large residential property over 5,000 square feet in the Southbend area, our hydroseeding lawn installation may be the right decision for you.  At Hydroseed Incorporated, we offer a 4-Step Hydroseeding process. Our process includes:

Ground Preparation:

We use the TR3 RAKE, designed by our owner, to loosen the ground to optimal depth, remove vegetation and debris, level and rake the ground.

Drill Seeding

We use a mechanical drill seeder that allows the seed to be pressed into the soil. This will allow for better seed to soil contact for optimal germination.

Hydro-mulch Application

Then our hydro-mulch mix is spread over the newly planted seeding under high pressure. Once it dries, it creates a protective layer over the ground to encourage healthy and green growth.
Visit our Lawn Installation page to learn more or contact Hydroseed Incorporated today. You can call us at 800-468-LAWN or contact us here. Our years of experience and new growth have opened up a new division within our company called RZ Sports Turf. This division focuses on the athletic field playing surfaces and the turfgrass management practices that go along with them. Feel free to learn about this division now and check out the RZ Sports Turf blog articles for more tips and to learn more about what we do.