The Benefits of Hydroseeding Over Sod and Traditional Methods

Hydroseeding is a quick and cost-effective way to have the lawn of your dreams in a fraction of the time. Hydroseeding is a process that involves delivering a high-pressure liquid mixture of grass seed, fertilizer, water, and mulch to the top of the soil to promote rapid growth and reduce erosion. A specialized truck or tank then sprays the slurry mixture onto the ground where, in five to seven days, the seeds will begin to grow. Whether you are looking to establish new turf or solve an erosion problem in South Bend, hydroseeding provides a quality, cost-effective solution.

Hydroseeding Is Efficient

Using the traditional method of throwing seeds and covering with straw can be a real pain. The wind herein south Bend can blow seeds away making your grass grow unevenly or they can even become meals for hungry birds. With sod, you have to worry about each piece individually. Will it take root? Is it getting enough water? Why is this piece browning at the seams and this one isn’t? With hydroseeding, seeds are evenly distributed across your yard and the mixture prevents it from being blown away by the wind. The result is a lush, green, uniform lawn.

It’s fast

Hydroseeding is not only efficient, but it is also fast. Because it is delivered using a special slurry tank and a high-pressure hose, grass seed is applied 50% faster than traditional turf-building techniques. The slurry is mixed with fertilizer and special compounds that cause the mixture to stick to the ground and help the seeds take root within 3-5 days after application.

Hydroseeding Delivers Unmatched Quality

Hydroseeding elevates the quality of your lawn because it enables the grass to take root quickly and embed into the soil sooner and more deeply than with the other methods. Hydroseeding delivers visually pleasing and uniform lawns. With sod, you can see the seams. With hand seeding, it’s impossible to cover the entire area evenly; some areas will be too thin while others will be too thick. 

Erosion Control

One of the great perks of hydroseeding is that it instantly can control erosion caused by wind and rain. With traditional seeding methods, if it rains or you water your lawn, the seeds can be washed away and the soil can erode. This will lead to an uneven growth pattern that will be hard to fix. 

Retains Moisture

Due to the special hydroseed slurry, grass retains more moisture than other planting techniques like hand seeding, straw-blown seed, and sod. Actually, hydroseeding retains ten times more water which contributes to faster germination. A hydroseeded lawn requires about half the amount of water as seeds or sod. 

Gets Those Hard-To-Reach Areas on Your South Bend Lawn

Sod is great if you are trying to create a square yard. Most people in the South Bend area have yards with spaces that are not easy to sod such as steep hills or embankments. This is where hydroseeding shines. Using special attachments, the slurry mixture can be applied to almost any surface without sliding or washing away. 


With hydroseeding, you can get a tailor-made blend of seeds of your choice. This is great for establishing stronger, more resistant turfs. But the versatility of hydroseeding doesn’t end there. Hydroseeding is also used in wildfire repair, vegetation restoration, roadsides, national parks, soil renovation, landfills, city parks, airport dust control, and can even be a temporary solution to keeping piles of dirt from blowing away.


Hydroseeding is an economical choice for establishing a new lawn without the expense, time consumption, material costs, or installation time of sodding or traditional hand seeding methods. Hydroseeding usually costs 50-80% less than sod, and coupled with labor charges, the overall expenses of sodding can be overwhelming. With the efficiency of hydroseeding, a lawn could be fully established for half the price of sod. 

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